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My name is Francis Ramsden and I started this business to help people…….yes…..actually help people. Isnt it odd how that has become the minority position in this industry? From unqualified personal trainers giving pathetic workouts to their clients to practically the ENTIRE SUPPLEMENT INDUSTRY cheating YOU the consumer and hiding behind things such as “proprietary blends” among other shady things.

Let me give you a quick background. I graduated in Dec 13′ with a BS in Wellness from the University of Pittsburgh. I have my Personal Trainer Certification accredited through ACSM.  I have been helping friends and family with their fitness goals for the last four years now. On top of all of this…..I myself have gone through periods of gaining and losing weight, though it has been done intentionally.

I understand the frustration of struggling to lose that last 10-20 lbs. But I also understand how to manipulate diet and exercise to create the best environment possible to help you reach your fitness goals. Whether you are an athlete (I coach football at Cardinal Wuerl North Catholic High School), middle aged, male, female, it matters not…..what matters is that fitness is a big part of your life. You owe it to yourself and your family to live a long…..healthy……and rewarding life.

Lets get some work done,



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