What Percentage of Success is Exercise? Nutrition?

An all too familiar scenario for some individuals…..

A) Is a beast in the gym. Im talking about 2 hours sessions(maybe more than once a day), maximum intensity, great effort, has all the best supplements……but cant lose weight. The number on the scale stays the same.

B) Individual is a cardio monster. An hour on the elliptical, and hour on the treadmill, and a half hour on the rowing machine for an added touch. Still…..the weight never budges.

C) Perfect diet. The individual would never even think about placing one shred of cheese, half a french fry, or donut anywhere NEAR their mouth. Gets a “skinny” everything. Still…..the number on that damn scale remains the same.


Now…as a disclaimer, the number on the scale is often times not the best measure of success. However, there are limitless factors as to why results never come to people. Im sure we each know someone who fits into one of the above scenarios….maybe YOU ARE that person…..but one factor that should be addressed by every trainer is EXERCISE + NUTRITION.

Its NOT 50% exercise and 50% nutrition……it should be 110% exercise and 110% nutrition. They are both so important, I consider them two different training factors and each need their own plan of attack. At Ramsden Elite Fitness, BOTH TRAINING AND NUTRITION come included in your training package….at no additional charge. 

If you find yourself struggling with reaching your goals or find yourself lacking information about fitness and exercise….maybe its time to find help. Contact me and get a free consultation for a “meet and greet” as well as what I can offer you. Success may be just around the corner.


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